Over the five days participants will explore various options for developing and expanding their own unique stitch vocabulary. We will create a beautiful and useful Stitch Ledger to record our stitching experiments in that can be added to and referenced for inspiration for years to come.  

Students will also explore the use of traditional and non-traditional materials and methods including paint, various art and tissue papers, scraps of fabric, lace, and even staples to create interesting bases (sub-strates) for stitch.   The course will also provide an introduction to the methods of Japanese Boro and the principles of “Mottainai” (the Japanese belief in the inherent importance and value of an object, and the understanding that things are often too good to waste) and how even the tiniest scraps of fabric and thread can be used to make something both beautiful and useful.

Stitch-Sketching and stitch enhanced Tataki-Zomé (printing by botanical pounding) will also be explored.   This is an experimental and exploratory class on stitch in combination with traditional and non-traditional grounds (sub-strates) and materials and techniques. Students will be encouraged to follow their own ideas in conjunction with the offered learning.

Jill Wickware  

Jill has been hand-stitching since the age of 7 and the needle has been her best friend ever since, with one never far from hand...   Formal studies include both individual and group correspondence courses taken through the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada, the Embroiderer’s Guild of America, as well as in-person and online training in traditional types of embroidery including Pulled and Drawn Threadwork, Intermediate Level Blackwork, Danish Hedebo, Canvaswork, Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery. As well Jill undertook a year-long course through the Embroider’s Guild of America in all aspects of designing and teaching. Quilting, book-binding and painting are equal passions and for the past 7 years Jill has found unique ways of combining any or all of these techniques with her hand-stitching to create works that, though firmly rooted in hand embroidery, extend well beyond its traditional methods and applications.   Jill has been teaching since 1992, inspiring people from all over Western Canada to experience the joy and incredible scope of hand stitching in both useful and decorative ways.