Calling all Sorrento Centre Associates...

Sadly, the latest wave of the pandemic has forced us to cancel plans for our spring gathering of Associates' - traditionally the time when we gather to "wake up" our campus for the spring and summer. 

We are working on plans, with Sandra, for one or two on-line sessions. Stay tuned for details. 

Sandra will lead two sessions on the theme: Work and worshop are one.

Work and Worship are One: 

Join Rev. Sandra Stickney in brief periods of morning worship and evening reflections on the nature of work. How can we engage in our weekend projects at the Sorrento Centre in a joyful and present way? What counts as work? 

Rev. Sandra Stickney is a recently retired Anglican priest serving as interim minister at St. Mary’s Church in Sorrento. In addition to seminary training, she has a background in sociology that focused on the nature of work.

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