Join the Sorrento Centre as an Associate!

Associates are our most valued volunteers at the Sorrento Centre and show their love for our beloved Centre in many ways:

  • Governance: Associates are members of the not-for-profit society that governs the activities of the Sorrento Centre; and are invited to Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings to elect Board members and conduct other business of our society.
  • Work + study retreats: Associates are welcomed twice a year in the spring and the fall to help wake up our main campus and farm after a sleepy winter, and to put our Centre to bed in the fall. In addition to practical projects, Associates joins with special guests for nourishing study events. 
  • Frequent on-line events: Associates are invited to on-line events throughout the year to hear news and updates from the Centre, and join in planning programs, events and activities.
  • Early registrations: Associates get early notice of upcoming events and activities at the Centre, and have the opportunity for early registration.

 Associate events

Associate membership costs $50.

Please send this form to purchase your Associate membership, or call our office at 250-675-2421.

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