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Imagine this: An amazing eight months on the beautiful Sorrento Centre campus rent-free (room and board provided), living and working on the 24-acre main campus and nearby natural farm of the Sorrento Centre in the beautiful Shuswap region of British Columbia.

WYLD participants:

  • earn a half-time salary while working on site and in the community on good projects
  • engage with other young people as well as thought and practice leaders
  • challenge each other
  • take on social justice issues as catalysts for change in the world

The Sorrento Centre's Winter Young-adult Leadership Development (WYLD) was launched in September of 2020.

You will make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you! You will nourish your body, mind and spirit. You will engage with other young adults, ages 18 to 28 years, in a challenging study program. You will work on our campus and in the community, earn a pay cheque and enhance your resume. 

WYLD is a 21st century update on a long and successful history of work with young adults at the Sorrento Centre that stretches back to 1965.

WYLD is supported by generous funding from the Anglican Church of Canada and the Diocese of New Westminster.

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I want to make a difference in my life and in the world. Contact me with more info about WYLD!

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The young adults, along with WYLD staff and resource people, form an intentional community at the Sorrento Centre over eight months, based on shared responsibilities:

  1. Learning: Our learning came through teaching, discussion and field work plus experiential learning opportunities in many social justice areas. >> Ask the Imam: Monawar Hussain in dialogue with WYLD
  2. Care for Creation: This year, the global reach of the novel coronavirus revealed our shared human nature and the inter-connectivity of our economies, political structures, health care systems, food production chains, energy and transportation systems in devastating ways. Engagement in practical ways, with the world around us is a core component of WYLD.
  3. Shared responsibilities: Decision making: Social change model – WYLDLife will be learning more about this leadership model, to develop their own the community style of decision making. >> Ask the Rabbi: Baruch Frydman-Kohl in dialogue with WYLD
  4. Giving: Gifting helps build social relations rather than private capital. What is the history and values around my giving? What is my relationship with those to whom I give, and how does my giving contribute to transformation of that relationship?
  5. Consumption: Two issues to be discussed - how much do we consume, how do we direct our consumer dollars.
  6. Solidarity: How will we show our solidarity and to whom? How will we interact in a meaningful way with people from a very different social stratum than our own, particularly those who are marginalized in our society?
  7. Work/Sabbath/Self Care: How can I improve and expand my disciplines of assuring I have regular rest, and adequate space for spiritual reflection and renewal? 
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Words from WYLD grad Melissa Osorio

There were broad themes throughout the winter with skilled leaders bringing engaging with the youth:

  • September: Orientation/Community Building
  • October: Food Security
  • November: Climate Crisis
  • December: Nativity, Peace Studies
  • January & February : Homelessness, Poverty & Pandemic (Opioid and Covid)
  • March: Gender, Sexuality and Diversity
  • April: Indigenous Culture, Spirituality and Reconciliation 
  • May: Racism

Since 1963, the Sorrento Centre has been a gathering place for all. Starting in our earliest years, we have offered youth programs to engage and support children, youth and young adults. Over the years, we have welcomed everyone from children to seniors to events and activities throughout the year.

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