** Check out the video report above from the WYLDlife trip to Wells Grey in late September **

Exciting news: Winter Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) was launched in September of 2020 with an initial cohort of eight young adults. WYLD is a 21st century update on a long and successful history of work with young adults at the Sorrento Centre that stretches back to 1965.

** Stay tuned for more details... some events of WYLD will be public **

The young adults, along with WYLD staff and resource people, will form an intentional community at the Sorrento Centre over the coming months, based on shared responsibilities:

1. Learning: Our learning will come through teaching, discussion and field work plus experiential learning opportunities in many social justice areas.

2. Care for Creation: This year, the global reach of the novel coronavirus revealed our shared human nature and the inter-connectivity of our economies, political structures, health care systems, food production chains, energy and transportation systems in devastating ways. Engagement in practical ways, with the world around us is a core component of WYLD.

3. Shared responsibilities: Decision making: Social change model – WYLDLife will be learning more about this leadership model, to develop their own the community style of decision making. 

4. Giving: Gifting helps build social relations rather than private capital. What is the history and values around my giving? What is my relationship with those to whom I give, and how does my giving contribute to transformation of that relationship?

5. Consumption: Two issues to be discussed - how much do we consume, how do we direct our consumer dollars.

6. Solidarity: How will we show our solidarity and to whom? How will we interact in a meaningful way with people from a very different social stratum than our own, particularly those who are marginalized in our society?

7. Work/Sabbath/Self Care: How can I improve and expand my disciplines of assuring I have regular rest, and adequate space for spiritual reflection and renewal? 

There will be broad themes each month with skilled leaders bringing engaging with the youth:

September: Orientation/Community Building
October: Food Security
November: Climate Crisis
December: Nativity, Peace Studies
January & February : Homelessness, Poverty & Pandemic (Opioid and Covid)
March: Gender, Sexuality and Diversity
April: Indigenous Culture, Spirituality and Reconciliation 
May: Racism


Since 1963, the Sorrento Centre has been a gathering place for all. Starting in our earliest years, we have offered youth programs to engage and support children, youth and young adults.

** watch the slideshow for pix from a late September WYLD trip to Wells Grey **

Over the years, we have welcomed everyone from children to seniors to events and activities throughout the year.