Looking for a great adventure hobby to share as a family? Letterboxing combines outdoor exploration with a treasure hunt and an artsy crafty 'treasure' at the end.

Search for hand carved rubber stamps in beautiful natural settings (and urban ones too). This event is great for families who enjoy hiking and exploring together. We will teach you all you need to know and provide you with tools to get you started on your new adventures.

There are 18 letterboxes at the Sorrento Centre to get you started on your Quest.   Join us for the weekend (stay overnight 2 nights) Feb 12 - 14 or just for the day if you are local Feb 20.

Weekend event February 12-14, 2021 Cost: $20 per Adult, $10 per youth 18 and under plus accommodation & meals.  The registration fee includes cost of stamp material to carve one signature stamp, one “log-book” per family and a stamp pad for each family.  

Day Event Only February 20, 2021  Cost: $20 per Adult, $10 per youth 18 and under

For more information on Letterboxing go to website: www.atlasquest.com or www.letterboxing.org 

Accommodation and Meal Rates 

To Register online click here

To register by Phone: 250-675-2421