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We offer an inclusive environment for all families. Sorrento Centre creates a dynamic opportunity for families to take a step away from the daily routine. Children and Youth can participate in their specially designed 4-day course, while parents have the time to take part in a Sorrento Centre activity.

This year we are offering the Sorrento Centre’s  “Amazin-gRace”. Four mornings of fun, learning and   games. This great week will finish off with  the   Sorrento Centre  Amazin-gRace, an afternoon of   games, races,  painting, water, music, song, and  theatre.     There will be opportunities to explore nature at our wonderful   Sorrento Centre. Do you love critters? Let's go find some, let's  build  some insect hotels and discover how they live, eat, and  sleep.Explore our farm; find out where our food comes from, how it grow, who grows it? Plant, pick, and eat!

Join us for music and drama. Every day sing, dance, and act your way through the morning. 

Enjoys arts, crafts, reading,   and   writing. Take a trip to the   Sorrento/Blindbay Park to  run and   play in the spray park, or take a nature   walk  at the   park finding   evidence of predators   and   their prey.  

SCHEDULE: Children and youth activities run in the mornings and Thursday afternoons. This leaves the other afternoons free for family activities. Afternoons are often occupied with naps, time at the beach or visits to local sites and attractions. 

For those adults on full day programs, our Summer Youth Staff will offer a Letterboxing activity in the afternoon for their children.

Ages 5-13 Activities: has been designed for guests from ages five to thirteen. We plan many high-energy activities because these are the members of our community who are looking for maximum play! Our Summer Youth Staff works to create diverse opportunities based on age, interest, and abilities.

Generation Next: is for all guests who are fourteen to eighteen years of age. Because teenagers are not children, we have created “Generation Next”. These activities integrate learning, discussion, playing, working, and praying, all within a safe environment that encourages participants to engage with their community.

“Generation Next” participants often continue their path at Sorrento Centre to attend LEAP (Leadership Experience Adventure Program) see below; some eventually become Summer Youth Staff members.

STAFF: The Children and Youth Activities are run by our Summer Youth Staff members who are trained and equipped at the beginning of the summer to meet the needs of our children and youth, and to carry out summer initiatives. We are privileged to have these amazing young adults come to us from across Canada.

Members of Summer Youth Staff work alongside a qualified leadership team and are supported by all the staff at Sorrento Centre. Our goal is to guide children and youth throughout the summer, providing leadership, support and friendship.

FAITH: is central to our programming. Each week’s activity is planned around a theme and grounded in scripture. We integrate themes into our daily activities in creative ways that are fun and engaging, allowing children and youth to explore their relationship with God as they feel comfortable.

Faith is one of the links that ties our community together and we are dedicated to creating a safe place for young people to explore their faith through spiritual practices, discussion, activities, worship, and sharing.

ACTIVITY FEES: Children and Youth Activity fees for 2021 are $110/child, after 2nd sibling $85/child.  

  • Rest & Relaxation - Fee: $110 - For children and youth not attending scheduled activities  “R&R” allows you full access to all facilities and the extra activities at the Centre, including worship services, community gatherings, community dinner, lifeguards on the beach, and Wi-Fi.  

   On line Registration here ·    Email Here , to speak to someone please call 250-675-2421 for reception.

WHAT TO BRING: for Sorrento Centre's Amazin-gRace, in addition to your regular packing please bring:

  •        New, clean white T-shirt and or socks for the tye-dye activity
  •        Sun hat
  •        Sunscreen
  •        Old shirt and pants to wear for painting and crafts
  •        Insect repellent
  •        Favourite reading book
  •        Journal, pens, and pencils
  •        Bible
  •        Magnifying glass
July 4 - 16, 2021 with Anne Kessler & Daryl Drozda

Anne KesslerDaryl Drozda

Leap is a two week course for youth ages 15 & 16 where participants live, learn, work, and play together, forming a close-knit group within the larger community of Sorrento Centre.  LEAP fosters personal, spiritual, and professional growth in leadership skills and work experience.

Participants will be involved in a variety of fresh, exciting spiritual practices and engaging workshops and activities.   LEAP includes a mid-program camping retreat off site, as well as daily free time opportunities to relax and to enjoy beautiful Sorrento Centre.

While intensive and challenging, LEAP is also a lot of fun, and a potentially life-changing experience.   Ideal for those looking to volunteer or work at Sorrento Centre or a similar organization in the future, LEAP provides an opportunity much more rewarding than the average summer camp.  

Anne Kessler is a life-long Anglican and tried her first ice cream at Sorrento at 6 months old. Anne has been involved in diocesan and provincial youth programs since they themselves were a teenager. Anne coordinated Children, Youth and Families ministries at Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver for several years, and is now back at school to become a teacher. Anne loves geeking out about maps and data, foraging in forests or the side of the road for herbs and plants, Harry Potter, belting out hymns, listening for God's truth and love from the voices and actions of young people, cats, learning new languages, and storytelling.

Daryl Drozda has a diploma in Sport Event Management from Thompson Rivers University and recently completed a Bachelor of General Studies program at Thompson Rivers University with a focus on philosophy. She has also completed a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training where she studied yoga philosophy, history, asana and anatomy. Daryl lives in Williams Lake, British Columbia, where she works at Thompson Rivers University in marketing, recruitment, and events. Daryl is a graduate of LEAP and has worked two summers at Sorrento Centre as part of the Summer Youth Staff.  Daryl’s interests include yoga, wide games, pizza, sunshine naps, fishing, and Harry Potter. This is her fourth summer co-leading LEAP.

Date: July 4 - 16, 2021 To register for Leap please call the Sorrento Centre office 250-675-2421 or use our

Secure Online Booking Here

Fee: $910 

Bursaries are available please contact Sorrento Centre for information and applications.