There are four ways that Associates engage in the life and work of our Centre:

  • the Annual General Meeting of the Sorrento Centre society in May;
  • on-line gatherings throughout the year;
  • work and study events in the spring and fall;
  • and the Four Weeks of Summer

Associates are welcome to register for many other events and activities throughout the year.

Annual General Meeting: Stay tuned for news about our 2023 Annual General Meeting - usually in May.

On-line gatherings: Associates are invited to on-line events throughout the year. There are regular updates and news from the Sorrento Centre, as well as special guests with presentations on the life and work of the Centre. The events are scheduled on the last Thursday of June, September and November. All times are Pacific (add an hour for Mountain, or other adjustments for different time zones). Scheduled dates for 2022:

  • February: Thursday, February 3rd, at 6.30 pm Pacific / 7.30 pm Mountain 

Thanksgiving work + study event: Thanksgiving long weekend in October on the main campus of the Sorrento Centre. Stay tuned for more details on the special features of our annual Thanksgiving gathering.

Four Weeks of Summer: Our wonderful tapestry of summer programming - a highlight for our Associates and many other guests.

Come for one week, come for them all! You'll find environmental and nature-based programs to support our awareness of mother earth during this time of environmental emergency as well as outdoor spirituality and experiential spiritual teachings, including core Anglican, reconciliation and interfaith offerings. As always you'll have opportunity to enrich your heart and soul through arts and craft based playful creativity.

Check out the details here