The world needs the Sorrento Centre... now more than ever!

Donations to Sorrento Centre, a Canadian charity, are vital to our dynamic programming and also allow us to continue in our role as an engaging community hub. We simply can’t do this important work without you.

The Sorrento Centre is a non-profit society and a charitable organization. As such we don’t exist to generate profits for anonymous investors. Every penny we receive in earned income, and every donation and grant given to us, is invested in our beloved Centre in people, place and program.

That not only builds up our 24-acre main campus and 8-acre natural farm, but also strengthens our entire region as the Sorrento Centre is a vital and dynamic part of the South Shuswap.

We are a powerful economic engine in our area: Our 3,500 multi-night guests in 2019 (our last "regular" year of operation) generated a $5 million - plus direct impact, and much more in indirect and induced economic activity. We support our local business community through local buying. 

Our goal is to realize our vision to be a “gathering place for all”, a place that nourishes body, mind and spirit for people who visit our main campus and natural farm and those who join in our growing number of on-line events. We also work to be a good neighbour in the South Shuswap.

We believe the world needs the Sorrento Centre now more than ever!

We are ever so grateful for every contribution and gift - whether one-time or monthly donation or annual legacy.
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Thank you for your financial gifts!

Thank you for your donation to the Sorrento Centre. Please know your generous gifts are being invested wisely in youth programming, visionary projects around our campus (like our solar panels), community initiatives (such as our emergency meal program) and in strengthening our Centre so that we continue to nourish body, mind and spirit.

In 2020, our donors contributed $133,983 to our beloved Centre. That’s an increase of 9% over the previous year.

The global public health crisis forced us to close our doors for almost six months in 2020, and we had to limit the number of guests when we were allowed to open. We lost $694,347 in earned income from cancelled events and reduced number of guests.

The Sorrento Centre is well-managed financially. We post monthly Monitoring & Evaluation reports that set out key numbers and narrative. We also post our annual independent financial review.

Thanks to generous donors like you, along with new revenues we were able to generate as well as grants to support specific projects, the Sorrento Centre has navigated our most financially challenging year ever... and we are building confidently to the future. 

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Your donations at work in our beloved Centre:

Supporting a new generation of young adults

Here is one recent story: We launched last September our new COVID-compliant Winter Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) – and the young adults recently offered an on-line Ash Wednesday service. One of the remote participants was Marilyn, who sent this note:

“Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the service this morning. This group of young people will carry this experience at Sorrento with them their entire lives. I turned 20 at Sorrento at the first winter course and tomorrow I will be 75. We look back at our time back then and are so thankful for the experiences as individuals and as a group.”

WYLD is fresh and forward-looking, focused on personal and leadership development, spiritual formation and community service (though that is limited due to the pandemic). It is deeply rooted in a tradition going back to Marilyn and her friends in that first youth program in 1965.

Virtual community hub: first of its kind in our region

A good deal of the learning for WYLD has been on-line – the many thought leaders we had planned to welcome onto campus were unable to visit due to travel restrictions. WYLD has been an early and enthusiastic user of our new virtual community hub, which includes the latest smart technology, a video-conferencing platform and renovations to the main lounge at Spes Bona. Grants from the Anglican Foundation as well as the Shuswap Community Foundation, along with individual donors, helped create our virtual hub – the first of its kind in the South Shuswap.

We’ve gone from zero on-line events in 2019 to 57 in 2020 – everything from our own programming to community events (like the all-candidates’ debate in the provincial election) to community coalitions that bring together service groups across our region.

Abundant clean, green solar energy

Meanwhile, up on the roof of Spes Bona, we added 32 solar panels during Thanksgiving of 2020 to the 19 in the original array installed in 2019. The enhanced array went live on November 1. In the first three months, the array generated 901.7 kWh – up three and one-half times from 263.5 kWh from the previous year. On sunny days, the panels power our main admin building and surplus flows into the grid. We are offsetting energy costs and gaining new revenue.

Your donations are powering a clean, green energy revolution… and you are helping throughout the campus with a growing number of small projects (like the renovation of cabana 7 and the A-frame to year-round use, as well as a new library on the second floor of Spes Bona).

More than 65,000 meals for people who are hungry

Just a few steps away, in our commercial kitchen, Food Services Manager Karrie and her team of Lori and Jesse, are working seven days a week to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners for people who are hungry in our region. As of the end of March 2022 more than 65,000 tasty and nutritious meals had been prepared. Each morning, a small crew of drivers take turns making the daily delivery. In the midst of the pandemic, people in our region need and deserve a good meal.

Strong and loyal group of guests and many upcoming events

One of the greatest assets of our Centre – more valuable than our land and buildings – is the love that our thousands of annual guests (in a non-pandemic-year) have for this special place. Whether it’s banjo players and yoga practitioners, fibre artists and outdoors enthusiasts, or the generations of families that have joined us since we were founded in 1963 by a group of visionary Anglicans, we see evidence every day of this strong and abiding affection.

Our booking sheet – advance registrations for in-person and on-line events for 2021 and beyond – is strong. For cyclists, quilters, musicians and those seeking to nourish their spirits and souls – we are programming a robust year. In more normal times, earned income from events allows us to program future activities. In COVID times, your donations help us create a lively calendar.

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Committed to strong vision and sound values:

The Sorrento Centre seeks to live fully into our vision and values with ethical practices that are socially and financially responsible.  We are committed to:

  • reducing our carbon footprint with our solar panels, organic heat transfer system and other projects;
  • being excellent stewards of our 24-acre main campus, with its fields, gardens, orchards, residential buildings, campgrounds, meeting places, forests, wetlands and waterfront, as well as our 8-acre natural farm;
  • offering financial assistance to lower-income people who might otherwise not be able to participate in our events and activities;
  • producing locally-grown, healthy and nutritious food that goes into our kitchen and the surrounding community;
  • demonstrate leadership in our community and across Canada in social and economic justice;
  • offer comfortable and affordable accommodation and meals for our guests; and,
  • fully engage the minds, hearts and spirits of all those who enter into our space.

You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly contribution. 

Share your gifts - safely and securely

Join the circle - Sorrento60!

As the Sorrento Centre nears our 60th anniversary in 2023, we have launched a new appeal for sustaining donors - people who will help us to continue to live deeply into our mission, vision and values.

For more than five decades, we have aspired to be a “holy place of transformation for learning, healing and belonging”. Over the years, we have welcomed tens of thousands of guests to our 24-acre main campus and 8-acre natural farm for events and activities that nourish body, mind and spirit.

We are not only a treasured destination for many across Canada and internationally, but we are growing as a valued community hub in the Shuswap.