Throughout the summer, the Sorrento Centre welcomes youth staff who live on our main campus, work throughout the main campus and natural farm, and engage in activities that foster personal growth, spiritual formation and community engagement. 

Here are most of the summer youth staff with some of our senior managers along with three of our canine friends (Tucker, Phoebe and Willow - in order of age) on what turned out to be a rather wet Canada Day 2020.

We'll be adding more pictures and words from our summer youth staff in the coming days...

Melody Burns
Summer youth staff co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Mel!

I’m beyond over joyed to be in the position of staff co-ordinator this summer.

I’ve spent 3 past summers as member of SYS, and have been coming up as a youth every summer for 11 years prior.

Sorrento Centre has held and continues to hold a very warm place in my heart. Furthermore, in such trying times I genuinely cannot think of a better place to be.

The summer of 2020 will introduce myself and so many others to a new Sorrento experience entirely.

I am eager to begin a summer focused on small groups and deep connection, all while maintaining the camp-style fun Sorrento is so well known for.

This summer is bound to be one like no other. See you on site!  

Eben Sirges
Kitchen team

My name's Eben, and I'll be working in the kitchen at Sorrento Centre again this year — I had the privilege of being part of the 2019 SYS as well.

I'm just out of Grade 11, and am looking forward to finishing Grade 12 next year and continuing into university for Engineering. I'm a nerd in almost every sense of the word, an avid musician, and long-standing member of my local Air Cadet Squadron, which gives me my love of aviation.

Sorrento has graciously welcomed myself and my family for over 50 years, and I am glad to be able to give back to the Centre that has given me so much in my life.

I look forward to meeting anyone who decides to come join us this summer! (From a safe distance and behind the serving counter, of course).

Ben Hutchings
Assistant co-ordinator summer youth staff

Hi! My name is Ben I’m 19, and I’m very excited to be returning for my third year!

In the past, I’ve been on housekeeping staff however I’m excited about the new opportunities that the Farm and Grounds department offers.

Outside of Sorrento, I am a certified Emergency Medical Responder, and I’m forging a career as either a Paramedic or a Counsellor.

I enjoy listening to music and love playing my bass guitar, as well as being outside and knitting.

I’m so excited to welcome everyone onto the site and get to know you all!

Aleta Pappas
Children and youth

Hello, I’m Aleta Pappas!

I’m delighted to be back on staff at the Sorrento Centre this year for a third summer.

This summer, I will be working in the Children and Youth Department where I have worked before.

I am a university student studying Early Childhood Care with the hope of working at a daycare someday.

I am an outgoing, energetic, caring, and hard-working person.

I enjoy many activities and used to participate in organized figure skating, swimming and the U of A water polo team.

I’ve been coming to Sorrento for about 18 years now, and every time am here, I find Sorrento a great place for development and enjoyment.

Anika Robertson

Hello! I’m Anika, your friendly neighborhood housekeeping member of the SYS!

I’m currently in college learning about creative writing, so sometimes I’ll be writing down ideas for characters and plots for stories.

I’m excited to be here, as it is my first year here.

Sorrento is a good place of healing for me, as I enjoy coming here just to relax and get away from the stresses of the world, if only for just a moment.

While I’m here I’m hoping to make new friends and to help out however I can.

I’m a pretty huge theatre nerd, so I much enjoy singing and acting, I even play piano and ukulele.

I also really enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, among other tabletop roleplaying games, or just games in general.

Overall I’m a laid back fun-loving person who is looking forward to this summer!

Jennifer Jordon

Hi my name is Jennifer. I work here at Sorrento as one of the kitchen staff.

I’ve been coming to Sorrento my whole life, I have always felt it as a safe place and a second home.

I am going into grade 11 in September and am working towards going to culinary school.

I have a dog, Rose, a Shih Tzu-Bichon cross. You might see her around the site and you can always come to pet her.

Many generations of my family have worked or come here over the years and if you think you might know someone please come and ask.

I always love hearing stories.

Heidi Bailey-Morgan
Grounds department

Hey! My name is Heidi, and im 20 years old.

I enjoy Sorrento Centre because I am very welcoming, and love being in a place that allows me to be just that.

In the near future, I plan to study welding in the fall at TRU in Kamloops.

I enjoy painting and drawing along with photograph and sports.

See you around!

Michael Gravells

Hey! I’m Michael. This is my first year on staff, but my millionth being on site.

Sorrento is a place that I enjoy a ton… It also happens to be the place my parents got engaged!

I’ve spent time here on site both as a guest and as a volunteer, and am excited to be on staff in farm and grounds for this coming summer.

If there was one thing im looking forward to this summer it would have to be getting to know my fellow coworkers, guests, and all other members of the Sorrento community.

I am looking forward to a summer filled with laughs and friends.

See you around!

Eric Roundhill
Children & Youth

My name is Eric Roundhill and I will be working with children and youth for the duration of this summer. 

I graduated this year and will be taking online classes through Simon Fraser University in the faculty of education this coming autumn.

Working on C&Y will be a great opportunity given my career path of working as a teacher.

Though it’s been a while since I was able to actually play, I am a competitive volleyball player and also enjoy soccer recreationally.

The team I was a part of this year managed to place third best in BC.

I have been coming to the Centre since infancy, and my family has been coming since long before then.

Giving back to Sorrento over the next couple of months will be a privilege on my behalf and I am looking forward to it.

David Gravells
...dedicated farm worker

David has been coming to the Sorrento Centre literally from birth - his parents met while they were serving at the Centre.

This year, David worked long and hard on our natural farm on a variety of projects. He took on the task of managing our drip irrigation system - installed last year.

in previous years, David has served in our kitchen - a keen disher-washer-upper!

This year, we introduced ice cream treats to the Sorrento Centre shop and David was a good and loyal customer - blazing the trail for others to follow.