Now more than ever, it's time to fall back in love with Mother Nature

We see it world-wide, we feel it in our own backyard... Mother Nature is calling to us to pay attention and to take care of her. 

We share, along with every other faith tradition, a commitment to express our love for our neighbours in practical and tangible ways – like food and shelter. We also understand that humans have become profoundly alienated from Mother Nature, and that is one source of our current crises. 

Sorrento Centre is a values-driven social purpose retreat centre, striving for environmental and social sustainability by hosting events and engaging in activities that are good for people, good for our community and good for the natural world around us. Our gardens, our forests, our wetlands and farm, our orchards and even our solar panels provide valuable learning opportunities for students, the community and our guests.

As we look towards our 60th anniversary, we invite you to join us as together we explore the world around us as we fall back in love with creation. 

Take a look at some of the activities, programs and initiatives focused on nurturing the love of nature in our hearts and in our community. 

Mindfulness and Indigenous Law - Free Day Program
A day of community building, adult education and cultural celebration! Together we will learn about indigenous ways of knowing and our interconnection with nature.