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Thank you for your support...

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The Sorrento Centre seeks to live fully into our vision and values with ethical practices that are socially and financially responsible. We are grateful for many donors and granting organizations who contributed more than $360,000 in 2019. We are committed to:

  • reducing our carbon footprint with our solar panels, organic heat transfer system and other projects;
  • being excellent stewards of our 24-acre main campus, with its fields, gardens, orchards, residential buildings, campgrounds, meeting places, forests, wetlands and waterfront, as well as our 8-acre natural farm;
  • offering financial assistance to lower-income people who might otherwise not be able to participate in our events and activities;
  • producing locally-grown, healthy and nutritious food that goes into our kitchen and the surrounding community;
  • demonstrate leadership in our community and across Canada in social and economic justice;
  • offer comfortable and affordable accommodation and meals for our guests; and,
  • fully engage the minds, hearts and spirits of all those who enter into our space.

You can designate a donation to "general operations" - we'll make sure that it is allocated to the most important needs. Or you can specify that your donation goes to one of our special funds, such as our farm, our reconciliation work and our Solar for Spes campaign. 

You can make a one-time donation, or you can set up a monthly contribution. 

More than two-thirds of our annual revenues come from earned income - the remainder is from donations and grants. Your financial contributions help us to achieve our goal as a "gathering place for all". We are a registered not-for-profit and charitable organization. 

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Our current needs...

General operations: Designate your donation as "general" and we'll make sure it goes to current needs. This might be more bushes for our rose garden, a boost to programming, subsidies to help lower-income guests to participate in our programming. "General operations" means invest the funds wisely in major operational and programming priorities.

Farm donations: Your gift will go directly to our natural farm. We are currently laying the foundation for a big new greenhouse that will extend our growing season. We are also developing plans to restore a heritage barn on our site as a community education centre. The food from our farm goes to our kitchen, as well as foodbanks and community food programs in Sorrento, Salmon Arm and Kamloops. "Farm donations" means invest the funds in agricultural priorities.

Celebrating reconciliation: Engaging more deeply in the journey of reconciliation with our Indigenous siblings, closing the gap between humans and the natural world, and healing the divisions amongst people - these are all part of our ongoing reconciliation initiative. We host events on our campus, join in activities in our region and focus on action. "Celebrating reconciliation" means invest the funds in our reconciliation initiative.

Solar for Spes Bona: Phase one of the comprehensive plan for the greening of our campus is a solar array on our iconic administration building. Not only will we cut electricity purchases, but we'll start to sell back into the BC Hydro grid and lower our carbon footprint. Win, win, win. "Solar for Spes" means help us to lower our carbon footprint.

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Two ways you can help us...

Contact us directly: Call our office at 1.866.694.2409 (toll-free) or use the contact form below.

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I support the vision of the Sorrento Centre...

Let us know how you'd like to help (ie - make a credit card payment, send a cheque or e-transfer, set up a monthly contribution). We'll reply as soon as possible.