One of the greatest legacies the Celtic cultures is the legacy of the Blessing. A Blessing is an expression of both tremendous love and tremendous hope. Join Jeff Stockton for an afternoon of song, story and the weaving of a Blessing for yourself or for someone you love.

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You will need:

  • A quiet space, where you won’t be interrupted
  • A little space so you can sing (as quietly or loudly as you want)
  • A handful of stalks of dried grass (at least 21, each needs to be about 24cm/12 inches long). You can substitute something else - but natural (and burnable) materials only…no plastics.
  • Something to write/draw with
  • An object found outside in the natural world…something that speaks to your heart, and that feels okay to remove and bring home. A stone, a branch, a blossom, a leaf, etc
  • A colourful cloth or mat…size and shape don’t matter - something you like.
  • A symbol or sample of each the elements: wind, fire, water and earth…examples might be a feather or a stick on incense for air; a candle for fire; a glass of water or a shell found in water; a container of soil, or a stone for earth
  • A ‘something’ that symbolizes spirit/Spirit for you.
  • An open mind
  • A sense of humour
  • A big heart
  • A sense of hope

** For more on Jeff's summer course in August, click here **

Bio: Jeff Stockton is a harpist, singer and storyteller with a focus on Celtic heritage and spirituality For over two decades, Jeff has taught and performed nationally and internationally. He has released 3 full length music CD’s; 2 award winning storytelling CD’s; and 2 illustrated books. Jeff has led retreats and workshops on meditation, wellness, and Celtic shamanism. He works extensively as a storyteller-in-residence in schools.