Rules and General Information

All Guests are subject to all the rules and regulations of Sorrento Centre

Check-in is between 1:00pm and 6:00pm. Check-out is 10:00am. A late charge may apply for late
check out. Please check in office when you arrive. Management will direct you to your site. If
arriving after hours please confirm with office and get directions on how to proceed.

One RV site consists of a maximum of 8 guests. Cabana's maximum of 7, Cabin 1 max 6. Lodge
room double max 3, single lodge max 1, Suites max 4, apartments max 5. Additional charges may
apply for exceeding capacities.

All reservations must have at least one registered guest over the age of 19.

Camping materials must be contained to your designated site. An additional site charge will
apply when site is encroached on.

Registration and payment in full must be completed before occupying your designated site/room.

Room/Site location identifications are clearly labeled and must be occupied as designated. If
you are unable to locate your site or are unsure if you are in the correct site, please go to the
office and ask for help.

Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 7:00am. We appreciate that everyone be respectful of one another
with respect to the volume of noise from all sites and accommodations.

Only one RV and one vehicle is permitted on each RV site. All other vehicles (boat, utility
trailer, quad, motor bike, golf cart, pwc) must be moved to the additional visitor parking area.
Vehicles must not be parked on, or partially restricting any roadway inside the resort.

RV & campsites must be cleaned and tidied before check-out. If the site is left without complete
cleanup, you may be charged a clean-up fee. All household garbage must be placed in the garbage
bins and recycle bins provided outside the wash house. Only household garbage is permitted. Do not
leave garbage outside of your RV overnight as it will attract animals such as, but not limited to,
bears, raccoons, rats and mice.

DO NOT dump any grey or black water on the ground. There are environmental laws and regulations
prohibiting this activity and all related costs and fines that may result from a violation are
solely the responsibility of the guest.

Please do not flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down our septic system.
All RV’s must have a sewer connection that seals tight.

All pets must be on a leash or confined at your site at all times. Do not leave pets
unattended outside of your room/site. Do not tie pets to clothes lines or fences on campus.
Please clean up after your pet immediately and dispose of waste in the garbage bins.
Management reserves the right to require the owner to remove unruly, loud, aggressive or
misbehaving animals from Sorrento Centre at any time. DO NOT use the Sorrento Elementary
playground /field as a dog park.

The Max speed limit throughout the campus is 10km/hr. This will help keep everyone safe and the dust down. If you see dust in your rear view mirror, you are going too fast!

Fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited in the Shuswap Region.

Smoking is allowed behind the lower wash house, beach house and Fifi (willow tree located at
end of Richardson Lodge).

If any of the above listed rules are violated, or any complaints have been made to the
Management, you may be asked to leave. No refund will be provided.


Waterfront: The Sorrento Centre private beach is open 7:00am - dusk. We do not provide a lifeguard.

Campus Wi-Fi: Sorrento Centre has site wide internet, please check with office for password.

Guests may use approved cooking devices in RV and tenting sites, but no open campfires allowed.

Bathroom, shower and laundry facilities are located lower wash house. ($3.00/ wash,
$3.00/dry). Please be respectful and help keep our facilities clean and tidy. Laundry detergent
available in the main office.

Sorrento Book Shop is open during office hours 8:30-4:30 daily (located in Spes Bona)

  • Ice $4.00 per bag
  • Ice cream
  • Cold soft drinks
  • Clothing
  • Books, Music CD
  • Beach Towels
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid Supplies (limited)

Police, fire, medical emergency: Call 911
After hours maintenance and site issues: 250-463-9166

**Printable copy to sign and bring at check-in, please click download**