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On-line and telephone registration is now open: 

Register on-line: Click on BOOK HERE button at the top of this page. In the first box ("Event you are attending"), select "Sorrento Program Fall - Sister Water and the Sultan". Add in Sept 4 arrival and Sept 7 departure (you can arrive earlier or stay later, but need to register and pay for any additional dates). Add in the number of adults, children and pets, then hit SEARCH, and the on-line registration form will pop up. Select your accommodation and meals options, and make your payment.

Register by phone: Call our office at 1-866-694-2409 (local - 250-675-2421). 


From love of enemy and of Earth, towards ‘perfect joy’, Francis’s greeting ‘pace e bene’ (peace and all goodness) will frame our gathering. We will screen award-winning documentary “The Sultan and the Saint”.

** click here for Sultan and Saint website **

Join Franciscan scholar and peace advocate Len Desroches for an engaging time. Len writes:

"Do you know the story of Francis of Assisi - 1182-1226? Hopefully, someday soon, some of us will gather in person to explore our spiritual lives in the company of Francis. While we are in confinement because of the pandemic, we can wonder about 'getting back to normal.' When Francis was 20 years old he underwent a violent, year-long ‘confinement’ as a prisoner of war. Prisons then were dungeons with little or no sunlight and where prisoners were sometimes chained to a wall and tortured. Imagine this kind of ‘isolation’ for an entire year.
When Francis was released, he spent a long time recovering physically and psychologically. But he did not go back to what was normal. His conversion, his spiritual transformation was beginning. It helped him discern what was life-giving and what was not life-giving in the 'normal' around him."

** COVID-19 and Francis's greeting 'Pace e bene' (Peace and all goodness) download below. **

** Download a brief summary of the retreat schedule below **

**Download a one-page flyer for this event below **

Program fee: $200 (plus meals and accommodation)

For more information, call our office at 1-866-694-2409 // 250-675-2421