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** This event is postponed due to pandemic health rules **

The Sorrento Centre is pleased to announce a NEW interfaith initiative:

You are warmly invited to a Standing Meditation workshop on Sunday, Nov. 22nd from 1 – 4 pm.  Experience deep meditation without being restricted in a seated posture.  You will receive a transmission of universal energy in the vajryana Buddhist tradition and flow with gentle movement following a talk. 

Register early for limited space: call  778 587 7468.  Cost is $50 on a sliding scale for lower income individuals.  Dr. Vibeke Vaerum is a meditation lineage holder in Buddhism who has been teaching since 2009.  She brings wisdom and humor to teaching and is in community outreach at Sorrento Centre. 

Workshops will be offered on a monthly basis with follow-up practice sessions.  Read on for Vibeke’s take on how this meditation promotes resilience during times of uncertainty.   What if we could access deep intimacy and relationship on the inside?  Would it help ease concerns about current social restrictions? Vajryana meditation is based on a lineage that dates back to the historical Buddha. 

This meditation provides a process of merging your heart and wisdom with the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha.  With regular practice,  you develop a personal relationship with Guan Yin, a female Buddha of compassion.  When you recite a mantra with an authentic transmission and lineage, insights arise naturally.  Images or words that you know come from beyond your ordinary mind arise to offer personal guidance.  For example, a few years ago I found myself missing my teacher’s temple in Sichuan province where I completed my teacher training. 

During practice, an image of the stairs leading to the outside of my home’s front door appeared.  This image arose with a sudden knowing that my stairs are no different from the stairs leading up to the temple and, further, that my home is my temple.  This insight was deeply touching and gradually alleviated my grasping to be somewhere else!  Often when we long to be somewhere “better”, meditation brings us back to the present moment with infinite compassion.  Then we better tolerate our situations because we no longer feel alone.  In the same vein, COVID provides an invitation to learn meditation to explore what coming home means for you.  

We follow COVID protocols in our spacious indoor venue.