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Two wings one bird: compassion and impermanence in uncertain times

COVID has created a collective shattering. We have been in the unknown, facing our stuck places and
living smaller. Join a centering exercise, talk and Q&A to get a taste of the radical acceptance,
compassion, and non-dual awareness required to retain a sense of joy and ease. Dr. Vibeke Vaerum
weaves Buddhist concepts of bodhicitta and emptiness with story and a romp through Leonard
Cohen songs.

** Course fee: $15 - click on the registration link below **

"This can be a very creative time for us," said Vibeke in her February 28 presentation: Navigating Uncertain Times. "We all have these places where we are stuck or where we are in the unknown or there is something very uncertain happening. And it’s when we can bring radical acceptance and attentiveness to those places that sometimes these creative solutions pop up…"

**Click on the link below for a video highlight from February **

Bio: Dr. Vibeke Vaerum is a meditation lineage holder in the Linji zen (chan) tradition of Buddhism. She
has been practicing for two decades in several traditions and has trained with her root teacher in
Sichuan province since 2006. A former psychologist, Vibeke has always been interested in
transcending suffering.


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