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Join Imam Monawar for an on-line introduction to the Muslim faith, followed by a conversation with Sorrento Centre Executive Director Michael Shapcott, and dialogue with on-line participants. Imam Monawar lives in Oxfordshire, England, studied Theology at the University of Oxford and holds a Master of Arts degree in Abrahamic Religions from the University of London. He trained as an Imam under tutelage of the late Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi KBE at the Muslim College, Ealing, UK.

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“I am interested in the promotion of religious harmony by educating young people and the wider public in different religious beliefs and cultures to deepen their understanding of distinctive features and common ground in order to promote good relations between persons of different faiths and to challenge extremism in all its manifestations.”
He serves as Imam at Eton College and Muslim Chaplain to Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is founder of The Oxford Foundation that supports vulnerable, disaffected and low-achieving youth through innovative programmes. Imam Monawar is a founder of the One World Festival, celebrating interfaith dialogue. Imam Monawar founded the national United for Peace: Communities United Against Extremism initiative in the UK that creates a shared space for people of faith or none to come together to affirm the values of love, peace, understanding and respect through a multi-faith service of readings, music and silent reflection.
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In Michaelmas 2018, Imam Monawar was invited to give the University Sermon at the Oxford University church of St Mary the Virgin. In his sermon, he said:
"So, what can we as Christians and Muslims learn from our traditions about, and the exercise of power? Here, I think we have an important meeting point for both Christians and Muslims. First, Jesus, upon him be peace, radically redefines greatness and in effect, power. To be great and powerful, is to serve others. He turns the Roman hierarchical model of power upside down. Power lies in the service of God’s creation. It helps break the idol of excessive pride, it cultivates and nurtures, humility. A companion of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessings be Upon Him (pbuh), asked him, ‘What kind of Islam is best?’ The Prophet (pbuh) replied, ‘That you serve food and give salutation of peace to the one whom you know and the one whom you do not know.’ [Bukhari] He also said, ‘The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of humankind.’ [Daraqutni, Hasan]...
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