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Two great weeks of bluegrass and old-time music. >>Click here for NimbleFingers website

Welcome back, NimbleFingers. Mark your calendar for the two weeks from August 15 to 27 and get ready for registration - please call us at 250-675-2421 at July 28th at 9AM

This year 2021 at NimbleFingers, things will be a little different! (we’re sure you can guess why) This year is more like the “Boutique” year of NimbleFingers. Basically, everyone registers to be part of the whole campout experience and activities.

Once you register with Sorrento Centre on or after July 28th, you will receive by email an online form to fill out  to get to know who you are and what your interest are. Most of the programming is already determined, but this will allow NimbleFingers to cater the remaining portion to make ‘something for everyone’. The days will be filled with tune learning and instrument focussed workshops, plus general interest workshops and tutorials, wildcard workshops, jams, concerts, band scrambles, campsite decorating contests and bluegrass karaoke, meeting new friends, connecting with old ones, and generally having a very good time.

The guidelines ON THIS PAGE are very general, but they will give you some idea of what level you might consider yourself . If you have any questions, please contact NimbleFingers. This is a group learning environment, so skill levels, interests, and learning styles will vary."