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New Members Welcome

Investment (Sliding Scale): $85-$105 (Contact if finances are a barrier)

Contact to register: Michael Cruickshanks
250 644-9620
Contact Michael to discuss if this program could be a fit for you!

This Men's Group will provide an environment for authentic and meaningful sharing and developing friendships that promote wellbeing and community involvement.  Michael Cruickshanks, a Health Care Practitioner/Healer in Salmon Arm is inviting men of all ages, ethnic groups and spiritual beliefs.  Michael will structure the group around his Circle Way training which is based on a model of indigenous sacred sharing in circle. 

 The group is well suited for men who:

  • Are on a spiritual path and/or are looking for ways to learn about spirituality within a group setting.
  • Struggling with self-esteem, confidence, anxiety or are seeking a supportive and nourishing environment to develop community connections.
  • Are open to a group environment where diversity and individual differences are celebrated.
  • Want to learn about healthy ways of expressing emotions.  

The group may not be a fit for men who:

  • Are not interested in healing, growing and learning about themselves.
  • Wish to gather together to complain about the world and their lives.
  • Are seeking treatment or are in recent recovery from substance abuse (3 months or less)
  • Believe that the only cause of their problems is outside of themselves.
  • Are not interested in open communication.  

Michael’s bio: I am a Healer and Spiritual Teacher learning to walk with kindness for myself, others and the Earth. I include imperfection in what I believe it means to be a human being.

As a spiritual teacher, healer, and Lay Person Lineage Holder in the Chan tradition of Buddhism, I offer workshops to support students in opening their wisdom by incorporating movement and mantra (sacred sound).  I have trained to co-lead monthly outdoor 'sacred circle' events called Wild Church, where participants gather together to share and learn from nature.  A Men's group is now being formed that will facilitate a sacred and safe space to learn about wellbeing.

My education and experience as an Acupuncturist allow me to incorporate Chinese Medicine theory into my BodyTalk and Non Dual healing modalities.  Completion of a 4-year program in Non Dual Kabbalistic Healing with A Society of Souls is an important foundation.  During the program I learned how uncertainty, obstacles and imperfections can be included as part of the spiritual path. 

Contact Michael