Don't look for new landscapes, use new eyes to see what is already there. 
 Gerald Causse

In this workshop we will spend 4 days exploring textile techniques and design activities all inspired by landscape. Your favorite landscape might be a distant and sweeping panorama or the up-close and personal view from your kitchen window. Your landscape may be realistic or impressionistic.

We will be working with horizon lines, seascapes, distant vistas and more immediate views in our design activities and explorations in design on paper. Then exploring a series of textile techniques to bring those design ideas to life. On fabric we will be working with Procion dye to paint and print, using wax as a resist along with drawing and stitch to create detail.


 Students are welcome to approach this workshop as a series of samples and explorations or work with intention towards a goal. As always design will form a big part of our study and samples often have a way of coming together to create a unique textile masterpiece.

So dig out those pictures you’ve been saving of rolling hills, jagged mountains, misty seascapes or any view where the earth meets the sky - they will be a wonderful starting place.

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