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Finding strength and peace in healing        

A 3-Day Healing Retreat Experience for Loss and Suffering

This retreat will offer time to be with and understand the various losses and sadness in our lives. We will experience God’s Presence with us to help us process to places of deeper peace and wellness. Coming close to our pain and suffering brings light into the heavy darkness we may be carrying. There is no fixing grief, grieving is a process that helps us to find wellness. We will have reflective moments in community, solitude, nature, music, creative art expressions, and the labyrinth.  We will also provide one on one spiritual care sessions with trained facilitators. Please bring an item that represents your loss.

Facilitators: Lorie Martin, The Reverend David Taylor and Katherine Murray 

Tuition: $175.00

Full Meal Package: $90.30 includes Friday Dinner, Saturday-all meals, Sunday Breakfast & Lunch

Accommodation: Single $74.00, Double $99.00, Suite $139.00 For more choices please see here 

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