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“May the force be with you”, the theme for this year’s winter retreat, is a key phrase used throughout the ‘Star Wars’ saga and is well known to even the least enthusiastic fan. Typically, it is used when a Jedi is bidding another farewell but, for me, is so much more than just a simple exchange in pleasantries. In the series, this seemingly insignificant phrase carries with it a rich and deep understanding of the presence that holds the universe together and is alive in all of us. ‘The Force’, on screen, is a life-force is found everywhere and in everything and, in some strange way, offers an almost perfect metaphor for understanding the way the Holy Spirit works and exists in the universe and in our lives today. It is my hope to explore this concept at the 2019 Winter Retreat– where we will wrestle with and rest in ‘The Force’.  We look forward to fun, frolic and reflection this February at the Sorrento Centre.

This event is for young people aged 13 – 25 and their leaders! Registration and more information online at:

Guest Speaker: Tellison Glover As one brought-up in the sunny isles of the Bahamas, Tellison Glover is quite the ‘island boy’. Growing up he developed quite a sense for mystery. Whether exploring the tropical forests of family islands or at sea fishing or snorkeling, many summers would find Tellison celebrating the beauty of God’s creation. These early experiences are what have shaped his sense of wonder and adventure. It would come as no surprise that, to satisfy these spiritual cravings, Tellison would become a priest at the age of 23. Serving in different parishes throughout the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands for twelve years has offered Tellison the privilege of discovering the rich cultural heritage of his native lands and the nuances of spiritual expression that tend to differ ever so slightly from island to island. This journey has led Tellison away from temperate tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea to the cold and majestic waters of the Pacific Ocean – to the Diocese of New Westminster in BC. As the Director for Mission and Ministry Development, Tellison spends much of his time with parishes and priests throughout the Diocese, solving problems, offering a helping hand and just simply, connecting with others. He loves to work with projects and people that promote growth and sustainability and hopes to do this for as long as time would allow.


Registration and more information online at: