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We breathe 22, 040 times every single day.  Poet Maya Angelou says that “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  

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Come for four days of playful, soulful, and uplifting creativity.  Together, we will find and savour those moments that take our breath away - and celebrate the Blessings that surround us and sing to us. Be sure to view the short video by Jeff Stockton, below...

In the oral traditions of the Celts, few things were considered to be as powerful as a Blessing. A Blessing was never a casual thing - for a Blessing could change the course of a lifetime.  Blessings were not just pretty words.  A Blessing created a deep connection between personal dreams and the greater powers of life.  Together, we will create with the magic of song (you do not have to be a singer), story (you do not have to like public speaking), and profound artistic (you do not have to be an artist) connection with the Land. Together, we will write with fire; paint on the winds; sing with the waters, and plant our Dreams in the earth.

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Bio: Jeff Stockton is a harpist, singer and storyteller with a focus on Celtic heritage and spirituality   For over two decades, Jeff has taught and performed nationally and internationally.  He has released 3 full length music CD’s;  2 award winning storytelling CD’s; and 2 illustrated books.  Jeff has led retreats and workshops on meditation, wellness, and Celtic shamanism.  He works extensively as a storyteller-in-residence in schools.  

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