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What if we took seriously the story that the Holy Spirit took the form of a bird at Jesus’ baptism? What is it about birdlife that might give us insight into the character and nature of the third person of the Trinity? And of our relationship to this Spirit? We will reflect together on how birds image the presence and action of God in scripture and the visual tradition of Christianity. We will also learn how biblical concerns for the poor, the stranger, and those who mother may be illuminated by and applied to birds.  And we will go birdwatching.  

We will seek and learn about “backyard” birds and more. We will also practice hearing bird song and calls, drawing, photographing, journaling, and theological reflection. How do various ways of contemplative, close observation of birds, or even a lack of birds, open our hearts and minds to what life with the Holy Spirit is like.

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Bio: Jessica Schaap has been an avid amateur birder for about 14 years. A conversion like experience to birdwatching occurred shortly after she began studying for her Masters of Divinity degree at the Vancouver School of Theology. Jessica has been an ordained Anglican priest in the diocese of New Westminster for over 12 years.