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Spend an inspiring challenging and joyous week with others who share a passion for swing. The BC Swing Camp provides a friendly, non-competitive environment for everyone from swing-novices to more seasoned players.

Our program provides an extensive selection of seminars, workshops, and organized band labs to help you grow as a musician. Our enthusiastic and experienced seminar leaders are chosen for their skill as teachers as well as their abilities as performers

Swing Camp offers 5 days of music and dance classes, hands-on workshops, concerts, dances, and informal jamming that goes into the wee hours of the morning. People do not come to swing camp to sleep!

Campers learn in a friendly, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. Seminar Leaders give their time generously to their students, often taking extra time to help them conquer an intricate passage in a song, or arranging a song for a nervous, first-time performer. Friendships are made and solidified through the language of music.

Although the emphasis is on swing music and dance, there are also seminars and workshops dedicated to Brazilian music (boss, samba, choro), more contemporary jazz, blues, percussion, vocal harmony, improv, and many other aspects of jazz.

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