The Sorrento Centre is a welcoming place – a place of belonging for people of all ages and for all families. During the Five Weeks of Summer, we offer programming for children from 5 years to 18 years during mornings and evenings. Children participate in their special programs, while adults can take part in Sorrento Centre events and activities. Sometimes the two are combined (such as talent nights!).  Our Children and Youth Program is playful and engaging, with interesting and engaging age-appropriate opportunities for learning, growth and for fun. Our program nourishes body, mind and spirit and is built around three pillars: personal growth, spiritual formation and community-building. The children, under the supervision of young adults, range over the beautiful Sorrento Centre campus, our waterfront on the Shuswap, and our natural farm. Children and youth events and activities run in the mornings and evenings. This leaves the afternoons free for family activities. Afternoons are often occupied with naps, time at the beach or visits to local sites and attractions. 

Programs: Our Children and Youth Programs are grouped according to age, providing activities and projects suitable to each level.

Under fives: We are sorry, but we are no longer able to offer programming for children under the age of five due to provincial regulations. We will offer a “tot-lot” space where parents or guardians can gather with their children. Under fives must be with a parent or guardian.  

Five to 13s: This group meets in the portables and breaks into two groups based on age. There are many high-energy activities for these children because these are the members of our community who are looking for maximum play! Our Summer Youth Staff works to create diverse opportunities based on age, interest, and abilities.

Generation Next: Guests who are fourteen to eighteen years of age engage in a program that empowers teenagers around faith, community, and friendship. This program integrates learning, discussion, playing, working within a safe environment that encourages participants to engage with their community. Gen Next participants often continue on to LEAP (Leadership Experience Adventure Program). Some eventually become Summer Youth Staff members. Some young adults will want to join in our winter youth residential program, which is in development. Check back on our website regularly for updates on the range of children, youth and young adult programming.

Activities outdoors: Summers at Sorrento Centre call for time spent outside! Our programming unplugs from the technology of our world and allows us to spend time outdoors surrounded by the wonders of creation. Activities during a typical week include beach time, water games, sports, wide games, hikes, and free play.

Arts and music: Arts, crafts, and music allow participants to creatively connect with God and their inner selves. Our program employs diverse artistic mediums and theatrical elements.

Spiritual growth: The human spirit and the divine spirit are central to our programming. Each week’s program is planned around a theme and grounded in sacred scripture and a lively expression of our shared faith. We integrate themes into our daily activities in creative ways that are fun and engaging, allowing children and youth to explore their relationship with God as they feel comfortable. Faith is one of the links that ties our community together and we are dedicated to creating a safe place for young people to explore their faith through spiritual practices, discussion, activities, worship, and sharing.

Community building: Belonging is one of the core values of the Sorrento Centre, and it is expressed in community-building, community engagement and community service. Intergenerational, interfaith, cross-cultural – we celebrate diversity and seek to be good neighbours. For young and old alike, our community gatherings include daily worship, variety night, campfire, water games, public lectures and the Friday closing Eucharist and dance. These events bring our intergenerational community together, creating memorable experiences for everyone to share.

Staff: The Children and Youth Program is run by our Summer Youth. We are privileged to have these amazing young adults come to us from across Canada. Members of Summer Youth Staff work alongside a co-ordinator, under the supervision of a qualified senior youth program manager and other senior staff  at the Sorrento Centre. Our goal is to guide children and youth throughout the summer, providing leadership, support and friendship. 

PROGRAM FEES Children and Youth Program fees for 2020 are $90/child for the full week, after 2nd sibling $60/child.