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The young adults in the Sorrento Centre's Winter Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) program spent three days this past week with Holly Carnegie Letcher in sessions devoted to learning about the age-old practices of labyrinths and then creating a labyrinth at our waterfront. Holly is a skilled and inspiring labyrinth leader from Vancouver island, and we were honoured to host her (remotely via our smart community hub in Spes Bona). The sessions with Holly were recorded and will be available shortly.

We have a beautiful labyrinth in brick on our upper campus - right next to our Caritas building. Labyrinths have long had a place in Christian and other faith traditions as places of healing, contemplation, spiritual awakening and engagement. 

WYLD is a new program with a long history at the Sorrento Centre. Since 1965, we have welcomed young adults for winter courses. The practice fell away a while back, and we have renewed the program with the launch of WYLD in mid-September. 

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