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A highlight in the Sorrento Centre events calendar is the two weeks in August when we welcome the NimbleFingers Bluegrass & Old-Time Workshops and Festival.... this year from August 14 to 26th.

Workshop Schedules and Registration Information

Some participants have been coming for years and some will be joining us this year for the first time. Here's what to expect as a NimbleFingers 2022 Participant (this information is from the NimbleFingers website)

Workshops: See the choices of amazing  instructors and workshops on the artist line up pages . Participants will meet with their workshop group each morning for 1 hour and 45 minutes and each afternoon for 1 hour. The workshops are facilitated by an instructor, have a specific instrument focus, and target different playing levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). It can be tempting to choose a workshop to spend time with a favourite instructor; however, participants get the most out of a workshop when they select one to match their playing level. We highly encourage all participants to sign up for a workshop, but also offer the option of  ‘Picker & Grinner’ for those who want to join in on the NimberFingers fun without attending a workshop.

Pickers & Grinners: This option includes everything except a workshop and participation in the Student concert. Pickers & Grinners are welcome to attend the student concert, but only registered workshop participants will play in the student concert. We will do our best to provide opportunities for Pickers & Grinners to meet up with each other.

Arriving at NimbleFingers: First stop is the Sorrento Centre Office for check-in, and then get settled in your accommodations. If you arrive on a Sunday, head over to the Kekuli for Camp Orientation at 4 p.m., which is followed by the first workshop and the all camp Welcome BBQ!

Lunchtimes: Outside of the dining hall, each day at lunchtime a fun bluegrass-inspired activity is featured. These include the world-famous ‘Bluegrass Karaoke,’ The Thursday Sidewalk Sale, and more! Meals are always a great time to connect with old friends and make new ones, in particular lunchtime with all the fun activities. Everyone is welcome to eat in the dining area, even those who are not on a meal plan.

Afternoons: The afternoons consist of two 1-hour long drop-in sessions, and 1 hour of your workshop. Find out more... 

Drop-in Sessions: There will be a variety of elective drop-in sessions covering a broad range of interests. Some are ‘BYI’ (bring your instrument), some are artist lectures or masterclasses, some are zany and fun themed jams, and sometimes it’s just a chance to learn with another instructor, or another instrument, for an hour.

Evenings: The nights are pretty action packed, filled with SO MUCH jamming. Every evening has a concert (see the Week-at-a-Glance), instructor-led jams and dances, and then tunes and songs into the wee hours for those who choose to! We could say more, but you probably get the picture!