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Our values drive our business operations

For almost 60 years, Sorrento Centre has been a values-driven social purpose business that strives for environmental and social sustainability - good for people and communities, and good for our business - since the beginning days led by Jim Cruickshank until now with Michael Shapcott. 

In October 2021, Jim Cooperman of Shuswap Passion interviewed Michael...

"The Shuswap benefited greatly when Rev. Michael Shapcott moved here in 2018 to become the Executive Director of the Sorrento Centre, given the valuable contributions to society he has already made throughout his 'eclectic' career. Michael Shapcott has dedicated his life to be a 'voice for the disadvantaged’ by helping them tell their stories, by providing opportunities and through community organizing. 

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".. he is the first to give credit to his team, who he considers to be very supportive and helpful. He is optimistic about the future for the Shuswap, given there is a dynamic network of groups and individuals, along with community-minded businesses who who have similar goals and have already achieved some success."


(photos by Jim Cooperman)