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The season of Lent is a time for reflection, for truth-telling, for fasting and for repentance. In other words, we look deeply into our own lives. Fasting is one way that people have sought, over the millenia, to gain some clarity about their own lives. Repentance is not simply feeling bad about doing something that you regret, but it means to change course, to move in a different direction. So, in the reflective time of Lent, we are invited to think deeply about our lives and the world around us, and our relationship with the Divine, and to change course. At the Sorrento Centre, this Lent is a muddy season. There is sunshine and blue skies, and there is snow, and there is mud. That's a pretty good description of Lent - a muddy time, a time to consider the muckiness of life, and also the promise of sunshine and bright skies ahead.