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Woohoo! Start planning your visit today - you are most welcome at the Sorrento Centre! BC's Restart, released on May 25, is "a careful, four-step plan focused on protecting people and safely getting life back to normal." There are plenty of details, and there will be more updates in the coming days. One thing is clear: We are ready and eager to safely and joyously welcome you to our beloved Centre in the coming days, weeks and months. Start planning your visit using these three easy tools:

  1. ** Click here for the next 12 events on our calendar **
  2. ** Click on "course offerings" above for a variety of events open for bookings **
  3. ** Click on our on-line calendar above for all upcoming events **

The picture above shows our rather unique peony bush which has just started its spring blossom in our beautiful gardens. 

There are plenty of events and activities planned in the coming weeks and months on our 24-acre main campus and 8-acre natural farm. 

Join us for our joyous and safe re-opening.

More details will be posted on our website and are available from our friendly office staff at 1-866-694-2409 or 25-675-2421.