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The Sorrento Centre is committed to the health and well-being of our guests, staff and neighbours. We will meet and exceed public health and WorkSafeBC rules and guidelines in all parts of our operations - from food services to housekeeping to programming. 

As of July 1, 2021, British Columbia entered phase 3 of its Restart BC safe and gradual re-opening of the province. Our current safety plan builds on the key elements of Restart BC phase 3 and draws on our practical experience from 2020 of five months of safe and successful operations. 

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The Sorrento Centre's Safety Plan includes detailed components for all parts of our operations, starting from before arrival and moving through all aspects of our life and work. We do ongoing assessments to identify risks and mitigations. We send information electronically to registered guests, we provide additional materials on registration and we have signs posted around our campus with key safety guidelines. 

The Sorrento Centre hosted a mobile vaccination clinic on our main campus in June. We encourage all of our staff, guests, visitors and neighbours to be fully vaccinated. Most of our staff have received their second jab. Interior Health - the public health authority for our region of British Columbia - is offering mobile, walk-in clinics through July. People can get their first vaccination and, if they have their first jab at least 49 days ago, they can get a second vaccination. No appointment required. 

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Please observe the signs and follow the directions of Sorrento Centre staff. Please do not move tables or chairs in our indoor and outdoor dining areas as they are spaced to meet current rules and guidelines. 

While not a part of the pandemic safety plan, our region of BC is at high rise of wildfires and there is a ban throughout our campus on open fires, including the firepit at the waterfront and at Kekuli. Smokers need to smoke only in the two designated areas and carefully dispose of their butts. 

The pandemic has been dynamic since its onset in March of 2020. Rules and guidelines are changed to meet the current realities. The Sorrento Centre daily monitors key public health and WorkSafeBC rules and guidelines and updates our plan as required. While the rules have been gradually easing in June and July as the key COVID indicators move in the right direction, there are ongoing restrictions including international travel. We observe all the rules and will adjust our plan as required.

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Key documents are posted below and can be downloaded.

SAFETY PLAN: Our overall Safety Plan includes information on the key elements of Phase 3 of ReStart BC, plus our screening as well as risk assessment and actions. Download the document below: SafetyPlan1July2021

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: All guests, staff and visitors must self-screen and pre-screen before coming onto our main campus or natural farm. If you are feeling sick, please contact HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 for further information. Download the document below: BeforeComing14June2021. 

FACEMASKS: As per BC public health rules, facemasks are recommended, especially for indoor spaces and including all those who have not been fully vaccinated. Many Sorrento Centre staff - including our food services team - wear masks throughout their work day. Facemasks are available at the Sorrento Centre shop. Download the document below: Facemasks.

HAND HYGIENE: Frequently wash your hands and use the hand sanitizer in stations around the campus, including in the dining area. Good hand hygiene is important in limiting the spread of many communicable diseases! Download the document below: HandHygiene2021.

SNEEZE HYGIENE: Facemasks are a good way to prevent spread of disease and are recommended. In addition, practice proper sneeze hygiene, including covering your nose and mouth with your elbow if you have to sneeze. Download the document below: RespiratoryHygiene2021.

IF YOU FEEL SICK AFTER ARRIVING: If you start to feel sick after you have arrived, please self-isolate and self-assess. Contact HealthLink 8-1-1. Contact our office. If necessary, we will assist you in connecting with health officials. If a person is required to be quarantined, we will make arrangements. Download the document below: IfYouFeelSickJune 2021.

TRAVELLING OFF CAMPUS / FARM: Our guests (and staff) often visit parks, community locations, restaurants and other businesses in the region. Please respect all the safety rules for each location. There are off-site events organized by the Sorrento Centre. Please follow the safety rules of the trip organizer. Download the document below: SharedVehicle2021.

ARCHIVED MATERIAL: Information about our pandemic plans going back to March of 2020 have been archived.

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