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Lysa stopped by for a quick pitstop on the highway that turned into a walk down memory lane. Suddenly she was embraced in the warmth of old friends and new at Sorrento Centre...

Lysa Dixon was on a roadtrip around western Canada and as she drove by on the Trans Canada Highway, she thought she'd like to pop in and show her friend Christine around a blast from her past. The next thing she knew memories started flooding back. After a short walk down the familiar trail to the beach, old friends from her childhood cried out excitedly and embraced her as they reunited. A visit over lunch in the busy cafeteria meant meeting new friends and connections made with like-minded folk. Now plans are being hatched for future events.

Lysa is quick to acknowledge that her early years at Sorrento Centre played a significant role in who she grew to be as a person and the life she lives. "Have you heard of co-housing? It's something I first experienced right here at Sorrento. I live in co-housing in Vancouver and now I am very active provincially and nationally in various ways."

The next time you see Lysa, be sure to ask her about that time at teen week (or was it when she was on staff?) when all the furniture was moved from Katimavik and... well....  Okay, maybe it's best she can tell that story another time!