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Six Thursdays at noon - starting Feb. 28: Lenten lecture series on-line from St Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops.

Mapping life, love and Lord - six Thursday presentations for the Lent season. 

** Download the Lenten series brochure below **

Mapping our lives, mapping our stories, mapping our journeys, mapping our communities, mapping our countries. 

Feb. 18 - Ken Gray: from map maker to the map that changed the world.

Feb. 25 - Kathy Sinclair: mapping our community differently.

Mar. 4 - Sorrento Centre ED Michael Shapcott: mapping Canada in a new and powerful way.

Mar. 11 - Barb Liotscos: Maps, knapsacks and our common journey.

Mar. 18 - Dan Hines: I am a wayfaring stranger.

Mar. 25 - Secwepemc knowledge holder Kenthen Thomas: mapping a local route.

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