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The big lightning strike at the Sorrento Centre last Friday (at the start of the holiday weekend) knocked out our internet, our internal IT system and our phones (as well as frying some electrical connections). Living in the South Shuswap has many advantages - but we don't have a large number of technicians on standby on holiday weekends, nor is there a local stockpile of all the switches and other pieces of equipment that we need. So, work commenced on Tuesday am... and is proceeding. 

Progress is being made:

  • Internet connections are restored, along with our internal IT system, including our on-line booking platform.
  • About half our phones are back up and running (including our main reception line).
  • We hope to have full internet and wifi back in the next day or two - as soon as technicians return to replace some additional equipment that was knocked out during the lightning.

You can now call our main office staff at 250-675-2421 or toll-free at 1-866-694-2409 (the usual numbers).