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The Sorrento Centre is closed for in-person gatherings until further notice, in compliance with the latest public health restrictions. We are continuing to monitor the dynamic situation to ensure we meet and exceed all standards.

We are offering some events on-line, and we are planning in-person events on our main campus and natural farm later in the year, once it is safe to do so and public health authorities have approved our re-opening. 

We will re-open the Sorrento Centre to in-person events once it is safe to do so. Public health officials say that this could come in March, or perhaps later. We may be allowed re-open our Centre gradually, as we did in the summer of 2020 after the first wave of COVID-19. This means that there could be restrictions on the number of guests allowed on our campus, or travel restrictions, or perhaps other rules. We monitor the dynamic public health situation and regularly update our plans.  

Although the Centre is closed for in-person gatherings until the restrictions are lifted by public health, we have started planning for events later in the year. We have started to accept registrations for events later in the year. If the public health restrictions mean we are forced to postpone or cancel future events, we will provide a full refund.

We are capping the number of registrations for in-person events in anticipation of public health restrictions on the number of guests on our campus. If the number of registrations exceeds the cap, then we will start a wait list. We will welcome as many guests as are permitted under the public health rules at the time of the events.

BC Medical Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry extended the province-wide restrictions in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on Feb. 5, 2021. At a press conference, she said: "We are on a good trajectory, but it could change very quickly... We need to protect the progress we have made and not squander our progress.” At the press briefing, Dr. Henry said there is a chance things might change by March, but there is no official expiry date on the extended orders.

Please use the links above for the full details on the current restrictions, and on COVID-19 in British Columbia.

All in-person events and activities on our main campus and natural farm have been cancelled or postponed until further notice, based on the latest public orders. In addition, any visitors to our main campus or farm - along with all staff - must wear a three-ply mask as per the latest provincial requirements. 

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Our commitment to the health and well-being of our guests, staff and neighbours remains strong - and we will meet and exceed all public health orders as well as the best protocols, practices and standards.

Our comprehensive and up-to-date pandemic plan

We developed a comprehensive public health plan in the spring of 2020 to guide us through the gradual re-opening of our Centre from late June to mid-November of 2020. Our plan was reviewed and approved by WorkSafeBC and it is being constantly being reviewed and updated.

This plan will serve the basis for our gradual re-opening in 2021, along with any specific measures required by public health officials. Our 2020 plan included:

  • screening of all guests before coming onto our campus.
  • tracking of all visitors.
  • enhanced public health protocols in every part of our operations, from food services to housekeeping.

You'll find more information about our 2020 pandemic plan below, and in the attached documents.

A phased approach:

Starting in late June of 2020, the Sorrento Centre was able to begin a gradual re-opening after being closed from March to June due to public health rules in the COVID-19 pandemic. We passed inspection by WorkSafeBC - and continue to be diligent in offering a safe and healthy environment in the South Shuswap. We continued to monitor public health and WorkSafeBC and continually review and update our policies and practices.

We safely welcomed small groups of people from late June to mid-November, meeting all public health and WorkSafeBC requirements. We were required to close in-person operations in late November to meet the new public health rules that were created to respond to the "second wave" of COVID-19 in BC. 

We do not yet know the date for a gradual re-opening in 2021, or the particular rules that might be established, but we think that the process we adopted in 2020 offers helpful insights. We followed COVID protocols throughout our 24-acre main campus, the waterfront and our 8-acre natural farm. These included:

  • feeling unwell? Please stay at home
  • regularly monitor your health - contact 8-1-1 with any questions or concerns
  • wear your mask when near others
  • proper hand and respiratory hygiene
  • proper and healthy physical distance
  • strict limits on number of guests on campus based on provincial rules
  • all guests registered with contact information for tracing purposes

Health and well-being is our priority:

We are committed to meet and exceed the requirements from WorkSafeBC and public health authorities. We continually monitor public health orders and guidelines, as well as WorkSafeBC rules. The rules and recommendations change from time to time with the changing reality of the pandemic. We review and update regularly. 

To help those who were planning a visit to the Sorrento Centre in 2020, we developed a detailed health and well-being plan, which we have regularly updated. We expect the 2020 plan, and the improvements, will be the basis for our eventual re-opening in 2021. Posted below are some key information flyers that we developed for our safe, slow and small gradual re-opening in 2020, including:

  • Before you come to the Sorrento Centre;
  • While you are on our main campus and farm;
  • What to do if you get sick during your visit;
  • Proper hand hygiene;
  • Proper respiratory hygiene; and,
  • Two flyers on safe and healthy use of the public footpath through our main campus.

We created a detailed health and well-being plan that deals with every part of our operations - from food services to housekeeping to operations and programming, which has been reviewed by a WorkSafeBC inspector.

Our 'safe, slow and small' re-opening plan of 2020:

Dr Bonnie Henry, BC's Medical Officer of Health, said this as BC launched phase 3 of its ReStartBC plan in June of 2020: “As we continue to slowly and thoughtfully ease restrictions, British Columbians are making plans for summer travel. Like other activities during our COVID-19 pandemic, summer holidays and travel will be different this year. We encourage British Columbians to be respectful of the communities you plan to visit and be safe as you enjoy the many beautiful locations throughout our province. When you hit the open roads this summer, you are not leaving COVID-19 behind. The precautions you take at home should also be taken when you are away."

On May 6, 2020, BC Premier John Horgan announced a cautious ReStart BC plan in phases. BC has moved from phase one to phase two, and phase three started in June of 2020. At each stage, there is monitoring and assessment before gradually re-opening more aspects of the social and economic life of the province. The Sorrento Centre adopted a similar approach. Despite the temptation to ‘fast forward’, our mantra is: safe, slow and small.

The materials posted below were useful in 2020, and we think will be a good guideline for 2021 when we are able to re-open.

*** For more information, download the material posted below... ***

Please contact our office at 250-675-2421 // 1-866-694-2409 or email Executive Director Michael Shapcott at [email protected]