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Torna a Surriento is a beautiful Neopolitan ballad written in 1902 by Ernesto De Curtis. The words were by his brother, the poet and painter Giambattista De Curtis (thanks, Wikipedia). The message is wonderful - come back Sorrento - and ends with these words: "But please do not go away, do not give me this pain. Come back to Surriento, let me live!" Click here for a link to a lovely sing-along version by Dean Martin. So, in order to avoid confusion, here is a quick watery guide to our Sorrento and their Sorrento. Our Sorrento includes a floating dock on the beautiful South Shuswap - where the warm waters (during the summer months) call swimmers. Their Sorrento includes ancient Roman statues. The Mediterranean is also pretty nice. We have more Canada geese and Tundra swans.