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Thank you to the Sorrento Centre's property committee! On Friday and Saturday, committee chair Rick Barr and member James Boak walked throughout our 24-acre main campus, poking and prodding and assessing our buildings and lands. They were joined by Sorrento Centre Business Manager Nancy Costerton, Maintenance Manager Kevin Tennent and Executive Director Michael Shapcott. Other property committee members - Brian Laver and Elizabeth Peto - contributed remotely. A key priority for 2019 has been to make major investments in our main campus and eight-acre natural farm. By the end of the year, we expect total spending on buildings and lands throughout our two sites will be more than $200k - a big increase from previous years. From new roofs to new rose bushes and to new drip irrigation and new solar panels, the Sorrento Centre is at the start of a multi-year initiative to improve our buildings and grounds. The property committee reviewed a long list of projects completed this year... and started to work on prioritizing initiatives necessary for the winter, the year 2020 and the years that follow. We offer generous hospitality, abundant agriculture and deep education / engagement for the body, mind, heart and spirit. The property committee took the time for a detailed inventory of our residential buildings and meeting spaces, our gardens and the farm, our cabanas and office spaces, our waterfront and our forests, our camping and our RV sites, our kitchen and dining area, as well as our office spaces. Pictured are Nancy and Rick scanning one of our cabanas - which provide affordable seasonal accommodation.