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Abiding in God’s Presence: Aug 8 to 13, Sorrento Centre

Together, we will deepen into an awareness of God's Presence

Throughout this week you are invited to experience God with time to listen, be still, journal, reflect and mediate in community and in nature. Together we will deepen into an awareness of God’s Presence. These practices and encounters bring inner awareness, hope, healing, and transformation as we learn to rest in God.

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Each day will include workshop style learning and lightly guided spiritual practices. We will also explore the benefits of a contemplative life and how to practically live this out. Practices will include Centering Prayer, Welcoming Prayer Practice, labyrinth, creative art and nature experiences.

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Please note: Included in the course, Lorie and Katherine are available for personal times of spiritual care and prayer through Spiritual Direction and Listening Prayer.

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity for one-on-one hopes in one’s interior life. It is a time of discernment and attentiveness to one’s spiritual journey attuning to the presence of God’s Spirit in all of life.

Listening Prayer Ministry is a form of prayer where one meets to listen and invite God’s voice and healing presence into a present dilemma or an unhealed memory that triggers us. Taking time in stillness and quiet with a trained facilitator to listen to God brings peace and restoration to our lives. 

Lorie Martin lives near Chilliwack at Lindell Beach in the woods and near the water. She and her husband of many years raised 5 children and now enjoy the thrill of grandkids. Lorie has a passion for the contemplative life, offering spiritual direction, facilitating workshops/retreats, and being connected to an active community life. She is the Associate Director of St. Dunstan’s Centre for Spiritual Renewal in Aldergrove/Langley. Lorie has received grace upon grace in many of life’s toughest challenges, including the death of one of her daughters. Lorie holds sacred space for those facing loss, pain and suffering.

Katherine Murray is passionate about listening prayer, seeing it as a beautiful way to experience God and transformation. She is the Coordinator of the Listening Prayer ministry at St. Dunstan’s where she facilitates and coordinates listening prayer sessions and trains facilitators.