At Sorrento Centre we want to ensure that you enjoy your stay, that you are nourished and satisfied. Our own Sorrento Farm provides us with an abundance of fresh organic produce complimenting our daily offerings of good and wholesome food.

Meals are served at the Richardson Lodge Dining Room and the adjacent outdoor picnic tables (weather permitting).

We are committed to making your dining experience relaxing, healthy, and flavourful.

We strive to provide nutritionally sound, ethically sourced meals prepared with pride from whole ingredients.

Since 2010 we have engaged in an ambitious project with our eight-acre Sorrento Farm located 2 km from the Centre. Throughout the growing season the farm provides our kitchen with a wide variety of produce, grown without invasive methods or the use of pesticides.

You can expect to find Sorrento Farm produce at all meals throughout the summer season, ranging from the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in your salads to the seasonal vegetables (carrots, peppers, eggplant, onions, celery, and more) used as ingredients in most of our meals.

In addition, our herb garden at the farm provides much of the seasoning to our dishes, allowing you to “taste Sorrento” in every bite!  


Adult Breakfast - $11.00 Lunch - $13.00 Dinner - $19.00

Children 5-13 Breakfast - $5.50 Lunch - $6.50 Dinner - $9.50

Infants 0-4 are free