The Sorrento Centre is on the traditional and unceded lands of the Secwepemc First Nation. Since time immemorial, the Secwepemc people have practiced virtues of harmony and generosity. Neskonlith Councillor and knowledge holder Louis Thomas gives an introduction to the Secwepemc nation:



Sorrento Centre Executive Director Michael Shapcott is a trained facilitator in the PWRDF's mapping exercise - an important tool developed to support people in the journey of reconciliation. Send an email to [email protected] or call 250-675-2421 for more information. 

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Secwepemc stories with Kenthen Thomas, story-teller and knowledge holder.

Story-teller Kenthen Thomas regularly gifts the Sorrento Centre with stories of wisdom, humour and insight. Three stories have been recorded in the virtual hub at the Sorrento Centre. After the stories, Kenthen is in conversation with Sorrento Centre Executive Director Michael Shapcott. 


Story one: How bear and coyote created light and dark


Stories two and three: how coyote made tree fall in love with him - and - suckerfish


Click on the link below for a Secwepemc handbook prepared by Thompson Rivers University.

Click on the link below for a guide for good living from the Secwepemc people.