The rhythm of a typical day at Sorrento Centre allows all our guests to experience a balance of learning and worship in a group setting, and unstructured time for relaxation, contemplation, and enjoyment of the natural wonders the Shuswap has to offer.

Mornings For those enrolled in summer courses, mornings are time for learning, whether the program is lecture, discussion, hands-on activities, or outdoor adventure.

Afternoons Afternoons are free to spend with family and friends. Relaxing at our private beach, playing a round of golf at a nearby course, going for a hike, taking a nap, or just sitting in the shade with a good book are some of the pleasant ways to while away the afternoon hours.

Evenings Evenings are a return to communal life at the Centre. One evening during the week, one of our course leaders provides a lecture. Children and youth continue with their programming in the evenings.

Special Events Special activities occupy most evenings. Monday, we enjoy a campfire and marshmallow roast on the beach; Tuesday and Wednesday, we offer evening prayer; Thursday, your hidden talents can be shown off at the Variety Night; Friday, we celebrate a closing Eucharist at St. Francis Chapel, followed by a reception and dinner, all capped off by a dance in Kekuli for young and old alike.

A Typical Summer Day Schedule 

  • Breakfast 7:30-8:30am
  • Worship 8:45-9:30am
  • Theme Programs (adult, youth and children) 9:45am-12:45pm 
  • Lunch   1–2pm
  • Free time 2–6pm         
  • Dinner 6–7pm     
  • Evening activities, children & youth program, public lectures, & worship 7:15-8:45pm