Special Promotion Discount  
During the “Five Weeks of Summer” we have a special promotion for newcomers. If you have never been to Sorrento Centre before and you are registering for a course you automatically qualify for a discount equivalent to the R&R fee for that week, a value of $175 per adult. If you are registering for R&R you qualify for a discount of $100. (These discounts cannot be mixed with the “5 for the price of 4” parish savings program.)

Special Savings for Parishes  
We are always eager to encourage new families to share in the “Sorrento Experience”. Our popular “5 for the price of 4” program allows parishes to partner with us. For every four families or individuals from a parish attending one of our programs, a fifth family who is new to Sorrento Centre is eligible to receive a credit of up to $600. This credit is used towards program fees and cannot be combined with the newcomers’ discount.  
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Parish registration is required.

In order for everyone to participate in Sorrento Centre’s programs, we are able to provide full and partial bursaries through our Dorothy Thomas Bursary Fund. Parishes requesting support for an individual or family are asked to provide transportation to and from Sorrento Centre. Our funds are limited, so we always welcome donations to the Dorothy Thomas Bursary Fund.

A second bursary, the Founders’ Fund, has been established to encourage youth and young families to participate in ministry at Sorrento Centre. We gratefully receive donations towards this special fund honouring Jim Cruickshank and the early founders. Charitable receipts are issued for all donations.

Call us for more information or complete and submit the form found below.