Karin Huehold course leader

Watercolour - Inside and Out with Karin Huehold

Let's get those creative juices flowing with some watercolour fun! Karin will share lots of
inspiration, practical information, fun exercises and many creative tips on how to paint just
about anywhere, anytime inside or out!

Gather and record your own personal experiences and impressions in a simple, easy, enjoyable and artful fashion using ink and wonderful watercolor with room for journaling too!.

The art studio will serve as our base and weather permitting we will be working outdoors as much as possible. Constructive, instructive critique time will also be enjoyed.

All levels. Supply list upon registration.


Karin Huehold has painted professionally for over 30 years.  Her genuine love and appreciation of watercolour is evident in her art. Drawing impressions from many facets of life, provide Karin with a continual source of inspiration. From mountain to prairie landscapes, forests, flowers, food, friends, bits and pieces of nature and wherever the paint and brush lead her, Karin creates unique and beautiful works of art. 

Her work ranges from simple, expressive watercolours to elaborate designs using pen, ink and of course watercolour.  Karin is a prolific teacher – having taught many self-designed courses to a multitude of students.  She is currently teaching a great variety of virtual classes and has ventured into the online teaching world! 

Her membership site offers a vast array of online lessons at Huehold Arts. This includes Karin’s  very popular Draw, Design, Paint  DVD, a Little Watercolour Booklet and Flow and Glow tutorial. PLUS a couple of hundred short and sweet video lessons included in The Biggest Little Watercolour Class EVER!  

Her work is shown widely and is included in many private and corporate collections. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild.  Karin enjoys much creative time in her home studio in Calgary. www.huehold.ca  

Sheilagh McGlynn Course Leader

Divine Dancing with Sheilagh McGlynn

Come and explore a week of embodied movement through the practice of JourneyDance. We will dance to seek our inner wisdom, connect in community, connect with the earth, and with the Source that created us into being. No dance experience is required, just an openness to move in your own unique way.

JourneyDance is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering, and re-discovering your natural intuitive movement. Activate your imagination and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and transformation to a soundtrack of inspiring world music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit.

  • Through breath, sweat, and expression, you move and dance with what needs to be released and let it go
  • Change the habits of your past and overlay new physical/emotional/neuro patterns
  • Turn angst into art and feel a new passion for life
  • Release judgment and shame, embrace our sensual souls 
  • Move into a new story of honest self-love, pronounced joy, and deep embodied presence 

Each session will involve dance, journaling, connecting and creating. Come prepared to move and be moved. We practice the movement with bare feet, so no special shoes are required. Clothing that is comfortable to move in is suggested.

Sheilagh McGlynn has been leading JourneyDance sessions and workshops for 12 years. Here is a bit of her JourneyDance story

  I LOVE being able to offer this healing work to people. I love encountering a new group to JourneyDance and witnessing them transform through music, visualization, and play. Leaving a class, one of my participants said to me "I feel so good". That is what this work is about. We all deserve to feel that good. I believe it is possible for all of us. Since finding JourneyDance I am a stronger person both physically and emotionally. My relationships are healthier and have more tools to handle the things that life deals me. It is a place for me to feel connected to God and to community. It is an expression of my faith. When I was a little girl, I figured that I wasn’t good at prayer because when I closed my eyes and bowed my head my mind started to race. When I move through the JourneyDance flow, my mind is still and I feel connected to God, myself and others in a way that I have never experienced before. That is prayer.  

When Sheilagh isn’t leading JourneyDance, she is working as a Psychotherapist and as the Animator for Youth Ministries for the Anglican Church of Canada. She loves to cook, to walk, and practice yoga. She finds God in all things and specifically in unique places. She can’t wait to dance with you (and the Divine)!!!