Kathie MacDuff

Creative Journaling with Kathie MacDuff 

A theme is presented and participants use words, images and a variety of mixed media techniques to unearth, explore and record their responses, thoughts and emotions. Participants are united in hope, support and camaraderie as they journey towards creativity.  A safe and creative space is born where negativity is banished leaving only room for meaningful connection, self-expression and healing.  

Creative Journaling: Magic and mystery   We began in mystery and we will end in mystery. In the meantime, magic and mystery abound every day. And wonder walks every step with us if we pay attention. The Little Prince told us that what is essential is invisible. John O’Donohue notes, “It is strange to be here; the mystery never leaves.” Join us as we explore our deep connection to magic and mystery and how we might reawaken our sense of awe.  

Supply list during Covid challenges us to share supplies in a safe way. My intention is to bring everything we need as usual; however, you may want to know what that is and bring your own. Please do not purchase anything extra.

Shared items will be set aside to be sanitized following each class.   Please do bring your own ‘basic kit’: pencil, pen, permanent marker(s), journal (I will bring some of the ones I have made for $15), notepaper or a note book, ruler, eraser, UHU Glue Stick(s), spray bottle/mister for water, old credit or gift card, self-healing cutting board, xacto knife, scissors, baby wipes and paper towels. Please do bring any of your favourite materials such as coloured pencils, markers etc. 

A full supply list will be emailed upon registration.   This week, we will be using: Acrylic medium (gloss or matte) and a 1” brush to apply, water container, transparent and craft acrylic paints, a variety of brushes, white gesso, favourite images, various weights of decorative papers including text and other collage materials, stencils for texture and imagery, Stazon ink pads or other permanent ink pads, magazines (National Geographic is great) and texture plates.  

Course Fee: $400

Kathie MacDuff is an artist, graphic designer and journalist who captures all her artistic passions with her signature program, Creative Journaling. For the past 25 years, she has been teaching this course as well as courses in watercolour, mixed media and paper arts.

She is the Expressive Arts Team Lead at Wellspring Calgary where she’s been a regular facilitator offering many and varied courses over the past thirteen years. She was a forerunner instructor with the Tom Baker Cancer Center leading to the establishment of their Medicine in Art initiative and was involved with a year-long research program with the Primary Care Network Pain Clinic studying the effects of creativity on pain and depression.

She has held regular classes at her own studio in Calgary since its inception in 2006 at the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd and is a regular guest instructor and speaker at many churches, retreat and conference centres throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Her vision is to facilitate creative experiences that encourage connections, validate emotions, and nourish the soul.

Jeff StocktonBlessings Upon Blessings - Jeff Stockton

We breathe 22, 040 times every single day.  Poet Maya Angelou says that “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  

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Come for four days of playful, soulful, and uplifting creativity.  Together, we will find and savour those moments that take our breath away - and celebrate the Blessings that surround us and sing to us.    In the oral traditions of the Celts, few things were considered to be as powerful as a Blessing.   A Blessing was never a casual thing - for a Blessing could change the course of a lifetime.  Blessings were not just pretty words.  A Blessing created a deep connection between personal dreams and the greater powers of life.  

Together, we will create with the magic of song (you do not have to be a singer), story (you do not have to like public speaking), and profound artistic (you do not have to be an artist) connection with the Land.   Together, we will write with fire; paint on the winds; sing with the waters, and plant our Dreams in the earth.

Each of us will create a physical Blessing to be brought to life as a celebration and culmination of our journey.  The Blessings will be shared and celebrated on the final day of our time together.   There will be a flow between stillness and gentle movement; between time indoors and outdoors; between time together and time for individual work and expression.   Together, we will weave and celebrate the Blessings that take our breath away - and that might just change the course of our lives.  

Materials   You will want to bring:

*A sketchbook/notebook

*writing, drawing and colouring materials (paint, markers, etc)

*a clean/empty spray bottle *3 battery operated candles

*your camera (and a holder/tripod if you have one)…the camera on your phone is fine.

*Cushions/blankets for comfort *Drum/rattle (even a plastic container with seeds/stones for a makeshift rattle) *Suitable clothes for outdoor experiences (rain or shine)

*A beautiful mat or cloth to create your own hearth/presentation space

*3 small objects that symbolize something important about yourself

*your own stash of natural materials for mandala work outside (things like: fresh or dried flower petals, seeds, small ziploc bags containing flour or sugar)  

Course Fee: $400

Bio: Jeff Stockton is a harpist, singer and storyteller with a focus on Celtic heritage and spirituality   For over two decades, Jeff has taught and performed nationally and internationally.  He has released 3 full length music CD’s;  2 award winning storytelling CD’s; and 2 illustrated books.  

Jeff has led retreats and workshops on meditation, wellness, and Celtic shamanism.  He works extensively as a storyteller-in-residence in schools.  

You can find out more about his work at www.jeffstockton.ca  

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